Business Partner Agent

Automate your master data exchange and digitally onboard new suppliers and clients

Your Business Partner Agent


The Business Partner Agent provides you the tools to exchange your own company data such as company information, addresses, contact data, bank account data and certificates with your business partners and seamlessly verifies incoming data from your customers and suppliers.

Data sovereignty

Stay in control of your organisation specific data

Increased automation

Reduce business partner data onboarding and maintenance efforts

Verified company data

Omitte manual verification processes of client and supplier data


Connect to existing IT infrastructure for master data management

Open standards

Benefit from open source software components and global standards

The Business Partner Application


Conveniently manage the public profile of your company and the information you want to share with your business partners in one place

Company profile

Set up your public profile manually or connect it to your existing IT infrastructure and add:

  • Company information
  • Address information
  • Tax-ID or other identifiers
  • Bank account information
  • Contact details

Business Partners

Add new business partners to the list to automate the data exchange with them. As soon as a connection is established masterdata is immediately exchanged, verified and accessible.

Certificates and verified credentials

Upload documents that are frequently exchanged with your business partners and request verified documents directly from trusted sources:

  • Company details from ID providers and credit agencies
  • Bank account information from banks
  • Certificates from certification authorities (e.g. ISO, IATF)

Control, automate and optimize your data exchange

Business Partner Agent self hosted

Organizations can install the application physically on in-house servers or host it in a private cloud controlled by the organization.

Business Partner Agent as a service

Users of an organizations have access to applications over the internet without requiring the software to be physically installed on the own infrastructure. All technical support and updates are covered.

API integration

Organizations that already have a suite of tools for masterdata management can no fully integrate the functionality of the business partner agent in their existing IT-systems over an API.

Become part of our open source initiative

Support the technical and conceptual further development of the Business Partner Agent building on the Hyperledger Self-Sovereign Identity Stack and bring in requirements for the software from existing business processes.