About us

The Business Partner Agent is a development initiative based on open source software together with companies across different industries. Our goal is to improve the data exchange between companies based on the principles of digital and decentral identities.

How it started

The initiative originates from the Bosch Research Project Economy of Things. Bosch products are increasingly connected to the Internet of Things. As a company that produces these products, the question of how these “things” play a role in a digital economy is of fundamental interest.

The “Economy of Things” project at Bosch leads the efforts to answer this question. To usher in a new digitalized economy the project pursues objectives of decentralizing power, evolving technologies and innovating on business models.

The Initiative

Originating from the research plattform Arena 2036 the team behind the initiative is developing software solutions for digital master data and certificate management that boost data quality and sovereignty. This includes using the principle of self-sovereign identity (SSI), which enables digital identities to be managed independently without relying on a central identity provider.

Supported by BMWi

The initiative is part of the innovation competition “Schaufenster Sichere Digitale Identitäten” by the BMWi to foster identity ecosystems that are open, interoperable and easily usable.